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Originally founded in 2005 as The Lester Firm by Timothy P. Lester, the firm changed to Moseley & Lester in 2015 upon the retirement of Mr. Lester's office mate, Sam R. Moseley, who practiced law for nearly 50 years in the same space.  The firm handles matters that are transactional in nature and limits its practice to the areas listed to the left.

Located just 70 steps from the Harrison County Courthouse doors in the historic Old Central Fire Station, we provide quick and timely filings of petitions and recordings of legal instruments, as well as, convenient on-site parking for our clients. 

We accept:

Address: 110 W. Houston Street, Suite 100, Marshall, Texas 75670
(Corner of W. Houston and S. Wellington)

Note: Building faces S. Houston, but entrance faces S. Wellington.  Photo is taken from the front door of the current Harrison County Courthouse.